Security – Technical Assessments

Security assessments help protect sensitive data and networks, ensure compliance with industry-specific requirements, and demonstrate security due diligence. Regular technical assessments help you manage risk more effectively in an evolving security threat landscape. Assessment findings help businesses to focus on critical security issues and increase awareness of IT security throughout companies.

“With the trend of hackers coming after smaller companies, we knew we needed to strengthen our security policies and do a better job of monitoring for intrusions into our system. SecureIT helped us test and improve our security measures.”
Owner • Small Business

SecureIT Technical Assessment Offerings:

  • Mobile Application Testing: assess the security of mobile applications and the services they communicate with.

  • Internal Threat Testing: use port scanning, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and pivoting to identify internal vulnerabilities that an adversary may exploit

  • Vulnerability Identification and Management: detect vulnerabilities and identify service misconfigurations to meet regulatory compliance requirements

  • Phishing/User Awareness Testing: assess user ability to identify suspicious emails containing links, attachments, and executable files

  • Red Team Testing: perform comprehensive testing of physical, network, wireless, social engineering, and applications security using a simulation of a real-world attack

  • Firewall Review and Analysis: perform monitoring and management of security infrastructure and tools such as intrusion detection systems, networks, and firewalls

  • Static Code Review and Analysis: assess software code and identify potential security vulnerabilities

  • Quarterly External and Internal Vulnerability Scanning: perform quarterly vulnerability scanning of external and internal systems

  • Quarterly Phishing Assessment: conduct quarterly assessments of phishing/user awareness of current types of malicious email and social engineering attacks

  • External perimeter monitoring: perform continuous monitoring of security infrastructure and firewalls

Why SecureIT:

With years of experience in security and compliance, SecureIT tailors security technical assessments to the needs of each client, offering assessment services that provide actionable results and the trust and confidence that come from successfully meeting compliance standards. SecureIT offers point-in-time assessment options as well as periodic assessment of internal and external vulnerabilities and continuous external perimeter monitoring. We work with you to tailor an assessment that meets your business needs while staying within budget.

SecureIT provides technical assessment services to organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups.

Our holistic approach delivers technical assessment services targeted to each client.
SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the expertise you need for technical assessments that help you manage risk more effectively.

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