Security – Policy Development

An information security policy provides clearly documented and comprehensive rules and practices regarding access to an organization’s data and information systems. Its goal is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and information used by an organization.

Information security policies must be regularly updated to keep pace with changes in technology and cybersecurity. A typical security policy will describe the objectives, scope, specific goals, and responsibilities for compliance, as well as penalties for noncompliance. Additional documentation is required to demonstrate compliance with regulations that govern the organization’s industry, such as financial or healthcare regulations. A comprehensive, up-to-date security policy is a critical indicator of an organization’s commitment to security.

“Getting an objective risk assessment of our cybersecurity program helped our board and executive management provide informed oversight of remediations for security gaps that were identified and guide our team toward greater cybersecurity maturity. SecureIT took the time to understand our current business needs and our progress to date in implementing security policies.”
IT Director • A National Industry Association

SecureIT Policy Development Offerings

  • Security Policy Development: create comprehensive information security policy for your organization and assist with its implementation

  • Security Policy Document Design: create specific policy documents customized for specific groups such as end users, technical staff, management, and industry regulators

  • Security Policy Review and Maintenance: update and maintain your organization’s information security policy to keep abreast of changes in technology and evolving security risks

Why SecureIT:

SecureIT offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity and IT risk services to enterprises, government contractors, and cloud service providers. Our certified professionals conduct risk assessments, design fortified networks, and implement enduring security solutions. Every day, we partner with our clients to help them achieve the security compliance critical to protecting and growing business.

SecureIT provides policy development services to organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups.

Our holistic approach delivers policy development services targeted to each client. SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the policy development expertise you need to effectively manage risk and protect your business.

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