Security – Managed Security

Managed security services (MSS) help organizations to effectively address security issues such as malicious attacks and data theft through a systematic approach to information and network security. In the face of evolving security threats and resource constraints for in-house IT staff, many organizations are leveraging managed security service providers to help them address their security needs.

“With the trend of hackers coming after smaller companies, we knew we needed to strengthen our security policies and do a better job of monitoring for intrusions into our system. SecureIT helped us test and improve our security measures.”
Owner • Small Business

SecureIT Managed Security Offerings:

  • Security Monitoring: perform monitoring and management of security infrastructure and tools such as intrusion detection systems, networks, and firewalls

  • Security Patch Management: manage efficient deployment of security patches and upgrades

  • Security Assessments and Audits: assess and recommend improvements to security measures through vulnerability scans, review of system access controls, analysis of physical security, and staff interviews

  • Security Incident Response: address and manage security incidents or emergencies to limit damages, reduce recovery time and expedite root cause analysis

Why SecureIT:

With years of experience in security and compliance, SecureIT tailors our managed security services to the needs of each client, offering management and monitoring services that provide trust and confidence in security measures. SecureIT works with each client to tailor services that meet your security needs while staying within budget.

SecureIT provides managed security services to organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups.

Our holistic approach delivers managed security services targeted to each client.
SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the managed security expertise you need to address security concerns and grow your business.

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