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SecureIT provides cyber advisory services to help you understand your organization’s risk profile, so that you can develop a risk management strategy that addresses gaps in current security measures and positions your organization for improved cybersecurity maturity going forward. Our cyber advisory services assist with security program implementation, guiding or managing critical projects. SecureIT security professionals ensure the success of your organization’s internal initiatives, regularly monitoring progress and reporting to senior management.

“Getting an objective risk assessment of our cybersecurity program helped our board and executive management provide informed oversight of remediations for security gaps that were identified and guide our team toward greater cybersecurity maturity. SecureIT took the time to understand our current business needs and our progress to date in implementing security policies.”
IT Director • A National Industry Association

SecureIT Cyber Advisory Offerings:

Advisory Services:

  • Executive/Board Communication: cybersecurity education for executives improves understanding of issues and capacity for meaningful oversight that supports appropriate funding for efforts

  • Remediation Advisory: expert guidance in selecting tools and technology to address risks identified in the annual assessment

  • Control Selection, Development and Design: select and tailor security controls to address industry compliance standards and/or identified gaps.  If needed, assist with deployment, configuration and training for new security controls

  • Control Testing and Assurance: test selected security controls, document results and verify adherence to company and/or industry compliance requirements

Assessment Services:

  • Annual Audit and Assessment: an independent, external assessment using NIST controls provides a comprehensive review of cybersecurity risk, identifying internal and external threats and vulnerabilities

  • Industry Regulation Gap Analysis: identify and highlight gaps between current security practices and those required for compliance with industry and/or government regulations

  • Executive-Level Reporting with Quarterly Check-In: reports on incidents and remediation efforts provide relevant operational information and ensure cybersecurity issues are visible to management

  • Periodic Penetration Testing throughout the Year: regular testing, rather than annual testing, keeps deployed security measures up to date with rapidly changing cyber attack scenarios

Why SecureIT:

SecureIT offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity and IT risk services to enterprises, government contractors, and cloud service providers. Our certified professionals conduct gap analysis, design and test controls, and implement enduring security solutions. Every day, we partner with our clients to help them achieve security measures and risk management critical to protecting and growing their business.

SecureIT provides cyber advisory services to organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups.

Our holistic approach delivers cyber advisory services targeted to each client.
SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the skills and expertise you need to ensure your cybersecurity measures are up to the task.

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