Government Contractors

SecureIT provides civilian and defense contractors with security, audit and compliance solutions that simplify achievement of regulatory requirements. With more than 200 engagements across the commercial and government sectors and key partnerships with compliance technology vendors, SecureIT understands the budget and resource challenges faced by commercial organizations pursuing compliance certifications.  We deliver tailored services and technology recommendations that are appropriate given each client’s situation enabling contractors to maintain compliance in an effective and efficient manner.

We provide a suite of advisory services and solutions which enable our government contractors to:

  • Design and implement holistic information security and compliance programs
  • Engineer, outsource or operate secure solutions and security technologies
  • Continuously monitor security controls, and identify technical vulnerabilities
  • Implement continuous compliance programs with sustainable solutions

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“Without in-house expertise, we struggled to understand the requirements for NIST 800-171 security controls. With the revenue from several contracts threatened by non-compliance, we needed a solution that we could afford. SecureIT’s Rizkly compliance platform with expert advisory is an ideal solution for any contractor that does not have dedicated compliance resources.  We can now grow our defense line of business with confidence.” 
Owner • Mid-Size Defense Contractor