AWS Cloud Services for Compliance

Cloud computing provides flexibility and scalability that is revolutionizing IT. A new category of cloud service offerings can help companies expedite the remediation prerequisites for achieving compliance certifications such as FedRAMP authorization or 800-53/FISMA certification.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading provider of FedRAMP authorized platforms and services that offer the potential for companies to inherit controls thus removing some of the burden associated with compliance certification.

SecureIT’s status as ATO on AWS partner means we are ready to help you accelerate the technology related components of your overall compliance journey.  On top of compliance strategy and expertise with the ins and outs of the FedRAMP controls and know what assessors expect,  as your advisor,  we will bring training, tools, pre-built CloudFormation templates, control implementation details, and pre-built artifacts that help you realize true acceleration from the use of AWS services.

“We knew it was important to leverage cloud-based technologies, but didn’t feel comfortable choosing solutions on our own. SecureIT provided assessments of several solutions, so that we could objectively weigh the benefits and the risks associated with each vendor.” 
CIO • Mid-Size Manufacturing Firm

AWS for FedRAMP Acceleration Offerings:

Assessment of Security Controls with AWS

  • Perform independent assessment of control environment and status against relevant compliance framework i.e. FedRAMP Low, Moderate, etc.
  • Determine  and advise on impact/benefits of leveraging AWS services

Solution Design with AWS

  • Conduct a technical security architecture compliance review to learn the current environment and assess applicability of AWS services. Review areas including FIPS 140-2 validation, authentication, integrations and vulnerability management
  • Assist in the selection, design and deployment of FedRAMP authorized platforms and services that are compatible with your solution; provide guidance on potential technical changes and updates to policy and procedure documents

Compliance Operations with AWS

  • Identify the people, process, and technologies required for achieving and sustaining ongoing compliance
  • Assist in the development of audit-ready compliance documentation including system security plans (SSP), incident response plans and access control policies
  • Educate and advise on required continuous monitoring, reporting and evidence deliverables to remain in compliance and prepared for smooth 3rd party audits

Assessment or Audit Liaison

  • Serving as an accredited FedRAMP 3PAO, conduct a FedRAMP pre-assessment or annual assessment
  • Serving as your FedRAMP advisor,  assist in responding to agency sponsor and/or auditor requests for clarification and information

Why SecureIT:

SecureIT offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services to enterprises, government contractors, and cloud service providers. Our certified professionals design, implement, and test enduring security solutions. Every day, we partner with our clients to help them achieve security measures critical to protecting and growing their business.

Two decades of 3PAO and IT audit liaison experience result in greater certainty when you engage SecureIT advisors to assist in your compliance efforts.

Our practical and flexible approach to achieving compliance and security objectives take into account each client’s unique situation relating to industry regulations, risks and budget.

Partnerships with leading vendors like AWS and Rizkly enable us to demonstrate how cloud services accelerate compliance, impact operations and support business growth.

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