Compliance – PCI DSS

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle payment card transactions and cardholder data. The standard is designed to reduce fraud and cardholder data theft. For firms handling large volumes of transactions, PCI DSS compliance requires an annual assessment by an external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) or by a firm-specific Internal Security Assessor (ISA) that creates a Report on Compliance (ROC). For companies handling smaller volumes of transactions, the completion of a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) demonstrates compliance.

PCI DSS encompasses hundreds of complex technical requirements, creating a challenging environment for achieving and maintaining compliance. Defining the scope for compliance assessment is critical at the outset. Further complications can result when changes to system architecture occur or when new technologies are introduced. With an expert partner to guide their compliance efforts and help them stay ahead of emerging threats in the rapidly changing payments industry, firms can ensure they are PCI DSS compliant and positioned to effectively manage and mitigate future risk.

“Before partnering with SecureIT, we’d been struggling to understand the scope of effort required for several compliance authorizations. It was difficult to know where to begin. The SecureIT compliance experts helped us develop a compliance plan with security controls that we could leverage for multiple compliance standards, so we could work smarter and faster toward our goal, rather than spinning our wheels.”
Chief Information Officer • Cloud Service Provider


SecureIT offers the following PCI DSS compliance services:

  • PCI Advisory: services to effectively define the scope for assessment and ensure a cost-effective and timely compliance effort.

  • Assessment services by our QSAs to produce a full ROC.

  • Self-assessment facilitation by our QSAs to help organizations complete a SAQ quickly and easily.

  • Point-to-Point Encryption services to assess and validate P2PE solutions, components, and applications.

  • Continuous monitoring of technical controls to monitor systems, applications, and inbound and outbound traffic.

  • Vulnerability scans to meet reporting requirements and identify and correct vulnerabilities.

  • Penetration testing to provide a comprehensive evaluation of cardholder data security by simulating an attack by a hacker or malicious insider.

Why SecureIT:

SecureIT offers a comprehensive range of industry standards and IT risk services to enterprises and cloud service providers. (as opposed to government agencies/contractors) We bring practical solutions backed by proven methodologies to expedite PCI DSS compliance. Our certified professionals educate and advise on PCI DSS compliance strategy, conduct risk assessments and design enduring solutions resulting in PCI DSS compliance. (tailored for the compliance/service area).

SecureIT’s PCI DSS services deliver practical, effective solutions to organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups.

Our holistic approach delivers PCI DSS compliance services targeted to each client. SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the expertise needed for PCI DSS compliance that helps you protect and grow your business.

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