Compliance – FedRAMP Authorized Platforms and Services

FedRAMP Authorized Platforms and Services (FRAPS) are cloud-based offerings that have undergone a 3PAO assessment and are FedRAMP authorized. Leveraging a FedRAMP authorized platform or service enables CSP applications to inherit certain security controls that have already achieved authorization. FRAPS offerings range from hosted server platforms to specific functionality such as event monitoring or database management. For example, Rackspace and Databank offer FedRAMP compliant hosting platforms featuring best practice security, dynamic updates, and continuous monitoring. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers Cognito for user authentication, CloudTrail to track user activity and API usage, and Database Migration Service to migrate databases to AWS.

FRAPS offerings provide the ease of use and scalability benefits typically expected of cloud computing environments but add enhanced resiliency, security, monitoring and network services options to address FedRAMP requirements.

 “SecureIT’s experts are acutely aware of the constant push and pull created by the combination of a rapidly evolving technology landscape along with  increasing compliance requirements.  When organizations choose SecureIT as their expert advisors, they gain strategic advisory that can help implement a proactive plan that overcomes this complexity.  At the same time,  customers can also expect SecureIT to provide experienced manpower to produce deliverables that are critical to achieving compliance according to schedule. “
Les Buday, Managing Director • SecureIT


SecureIT’s technical expertise enables us to assist our customers as they face adoption decisions for FedRAMP authorized cloud services.  Whether you are a government agency, start-up CSP or a contractor with decades of experience serving the federal government, we can help you assess the costs and benefits of closing compliance gaps with authorized services from vendors like AWS, Rackspace and Microsoft.  Our experts take the time to understand your business model, your solution architecture and your federal market growth plans to ensure that your path meets technical, compliance and business requirements.

SecureIT offers the following advisory services focused on helping companies develop and implement strategies for using FedRAMP authorized platforms and services:

Strategy & Education

  • Inheriting Controls & Shared Responsibility

  • Advantages & Benefits

  • Costs & Longer Term Implications

Technology Selection

  • Determine Gaps and Prioritization

  • Validate Application and Security Architecture

  • Assess and Select Vendor Services

Why SecureIT:

Serving as your trusted FedRAMP compliance advisor, SecureIT draws upon our extensive technical and cloud services experience to knock down the hurdles that government agencies and contractors typically face with cloud services adoption. We are compliance experts with deep security and technical architecture experience that will step in and work closely with your staff to make the best decisions when choosing FedRAMP authorized platforms and services.

Practical and efficient solutions that leverage existing processes and assets to help you achieve authorization faster.

Established track record of successful partnerships with smaller CSPs embarking on their first major compliance initiative.

SecureIT is ready to deliver the FedRAMP experience and expertise you need to keep your business plans on track.

Ready to take the next step in your FedRAMP pursuit? Read our eBook on inherited controls with FedRAMP authorized platforms and services.  With a better understanding of shared responsibilities and key trade-off’s, you will be ready to expedite selection of 3rd party cloud services to accelerate compliance efforts. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today and we will promptly respond to discuss your FedRAMP initiative.

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