Compliance – FedRAMP Advisory

“As a 3PAO, SecureIT experts know exactly what it takes to achieve authorization. Their knowledge of security and government requirements is deep. SecureIT’s FedRAMP Advisory services not only steered us onto the right path for FedRAMP authorization, they shouldered much of the work so our team could stay focused on their core tasks.”
Leanne Hankey, Chief Business Officer • Intelliworx

Engaging a FedRAMP 3PAO as an FedRAMP Advisor gives CSPs the best chance of avoiding wasted time and succeeding on their first attempt at authorization.  A FedRAMP Advisor guides and helps CSPs through the major phases of authorization from strategic planning to document preparation to ensuring sustained compliance through efficient ongoing monitoring.     


Through the experience gained after hundreds of engagements as an accredited 3PAO, SecureIT has a deep understanding of controls and control requirements, hurdles that organizations typically face with compliance, and how to leverage existing processes and artifacts to increase efficiency.  In addition to strategic advice and development of required documentation,  our consultants stand together with you through key conversations and meetings with assessors so your solution, environment and situation are effectively communicated to prevent delays. With SecureIT as an advisor, you can be confident that your FedRAMP authorization initiative is efficient and effective while keeping key personnel focused on the core mission. 

SecureIT offers the following FedRAMP advisory services:

  • Strategic guidance and roadmap planning

  • Pre-Assessment to validate system inventory, boundaries, and conduct penetration testing

  • Implementation services working with your team to design and recommend controls and processes that meet requirements

  • Documentation support for the System Security Plan (SSP) and other required attachments

  • Audit preparation and liaison services to prepare your team for successful interactions with a 3PAO

  • Continuous monitoring to manage resolution of issues, deviation requests, and coordinate periodic testing and compliance reporting


Why SecureIT:

Serving as your FedRAMP advisor, SecureIT draws upon our extensive experience with NIST and FISMA engagements to knock down the hurdles that organizations typically face with compliance. We bring the commitment and expertise to leverage existing processes and artifacts to increase efficiency and lessen impact on key personnel to help you achieve FedRAMP authorization.

Ready to take the next step? Get in the right mindset and prepare to achieve authorization on your first try by reading our eBook: 8 Mistakes to Avoid for FedRAMP Success. Get started by contacting SecureIT and we will pick up the phone and call you to discuss your FedRAMP initiative.

SecureIT’s FedRAMP advisory services improve the efficiency of compliance efforts, reducing the time and resources needed for authorization.

Our holistic approach to compliance delivers FedRAMP advisory services targeted to each client. SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the FedRAMP expertise you need to keep your compliance efforts on track and grow your business.

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