Compliance – CMMC

Compliance with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program requires DoD contractors to implement security controls, submit compliance performance scores and perform regular cyber hygiene activities. Based on NIST 800-171 controls, CMMC will be a single standard for all DoD contracts. Previous regulations for DoD contractors handling controlled unclassified information (CUI) allowed for self-certification of compliance with appropriate NIST 800-171 controls. At. minimum, CMMC will now require executive sign-off and for some, third-party audits and certification to ensure that DoD contractors have appropriate levels of security in place.

“Our technical team was overwhelmed with the demands of supporting our business while trying to stay on top of fast- changing technology and associated risks. We needed SecurelT’s expertise to point us to best practices and appropriate technology that ensures we are managing our risk and complying with regulations”  
Owner – Small Government Contracting Firm


SecureIT offers the following CMMC services:

  • Advisory services to educate, plan and manage compliance efforts.

  • Independent assessments to help you scope remediation efforts.

  • Rizkly software to streamline efforts and ensure sustained compliance

Why SecureIT:

SecureIT understands the compliance challenges related to handling sensitive data. Demonstrating effective security controls means keeping up with constantly evolving technology and associated security threats. Organizations need advice and guidance from experienced compliance professionals to help them protect their data and grow their business.

SecureIT understands CMMC compliance and has extensive NIST 800-171 knowledge and skills.

Our holistic approach delivers CMMC compliance services targeted to each client.
SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the expertise you need to manage CMMC compliance and grow your business.

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