Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

SecureIT has enabled over 200 technology vendors to achieve their compliance certifications while allowing them to maintain focus on core business.  We help CSPs succeed in growing their federal sector business by achieving FedRAMP authorization, CMMC and FISMA compliance.  We bring expertise in IaaS, PaaS and other FedRAMP authorized technologies to accelerate timelines while reducing costs.  SecureIT helps CSPs streamline compliance operations with the Rizkly compliance platform.  With Rizkly, CSPs maintain compliance, fulfill continuous monitoring requirements and are ready for audits with less disruption.  Below are some of the SecureIT services that help CSPs at various stages in their compliance journey:

  • Compliance Readiness Assessment: Depending on your needs, our staff perform single audits encompassing a specific environment such as a commercial platform, or a comprehensive series of audits scheduled throughout the year. Based on findings and resource needs, we can bring experienced professionals to recommend remediation solutions and transfer knowledge and build skills internally within your team. Advantages of partnering with us include greater audit success, reduced staff expenses, complete objectivity and confidentiality, and an innovative training program for less experienced compliance managers.
  • Compliance Advisory and Enablement: Assist with scoping FedRAMP, CMMC and NIST reviews by selecting the relevant control frameworks, objectives  and defining the boundaries of the in-scope system. Assist with security architecture, control design, policy and procedure development, and identification of artifacts/evidence to demonstrate operational effectiveness.  Provide project management to prioritize and define remediation tasks, owners and schedules.  Draft the System Security Plan, including all required content.
  • Audit Preparation and Liaison: Act as facilitator, interpreter, and liaison between CSPs, their auditors and their regulating authorities. Simplify the process of compliance and at the same time, create greater efficiencies and minimize disruptions. Eliminate distraction, confusion, and stress of key IT personnel. Conduct audit readiness reviews, and lessen the load on IT personnel during the actual review. Identify and mitigate risks before the auditors and regulators arrive.

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“Partnering with SecureIT ensured that critical audits were not missed due to resource issues. Without their co-sourcing services, we would have struggled to cover areas of greatest risk. Their input on the big picture for audits, as well as practical scheduling know-how, delivered value for our firm.”
Senior Audit Manager • Financial Services Company