Audit – SOX Testing

Maintaining SOX compliance requires testing security controls for compliance. Testing challenges include the scope of controls to be examined and the number of changes that have been made since the previous audit. SOX testing can involve hundreds of hours testing controls and even greater amounts of time to remediate issues that are uncovered during testing. Partnering with an experienced auditing expert can help an organization ensure that SOX testing activities improve overall financial reporting while ensuring compliance with SOX requirements.

“SOX testing and remediation was eating up too much time for IT staff who were needed for other projects. SecureIT’s advisory services helped us to target remediation efforts that resulted in more effective security controls going forward.”
CIO • Small Manufacturing Firm


  • Security Control Testing: develop testing plans and/or execute automated testing programs to assess the effectiveness of security controls.

  • Security Control Documentation Review: review security control documentation to assess compliance and identify gaps.

  • Security Control Advisory: advise on security control enhancements or gaps requiring remediation.

  • Reporting: provide formal report of test findings to management.

Why SecureIT:

SecureIT’s compliance audit professionals rely on deep technical skills and industry knowledge to understand requirements, assess and evaluate security postures, and provide cost-effective recommendations when deficiencies are found. Our consultants have firsthand experience working in internal audit and security organizations including more than 20 years of experience as IT audit leaders within Fortune 500 internal audit departments.

SecureIT’s SOX testing services improve audit functions for organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups.

Our holistic approach delivers SOX testing services targeted to each client.
SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the expertise you need keep your audit plans on track and grow your business.

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