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Where internal IT audits are concerned, SecureIT understands that you need to achieve appropriate and cost-effective risk management. At SecureIT, we invest heavily in ongoing training of our Certified Information Systems Auditors and systems experts, so you don’t have to. In fact, we encourage our clients to leverage our people, methodologies, technology, and expertise to reduce costs and address staffing shortfalls. Co-sourcing critical elements of an internal IT audit function gives your staff access to specific skill sets and knowledge informed by industry best practices. For example, an organization with financial audit expertise may struggle with conducting a physical building security audit, and can benefit from co-sourcing in this area, to develop in-house audit team skills.

“Partnering with SecureIT ensured that critical audits were not missed due to resource issues. Without their co-sourcing services, we would have struggled to cover areas of greatest risk. Their input on the big picture for audits, as well as practical scheduling know-how, delivered value for our firm.”
Senior Audit Manager • Financial Services Company


  • Customized IT Audit Services: tailor audit co-sourcing services ranging from high-level audits of systems that support a particular business area to SME audits of specific technologies (Unix, Windows, Oracle) or IT processes (cybersecurity, network security, configuration management).

  • System Auditor Staffing: supplement existing internal IT audit capabilities with certified SecureIT systems auditors.

  • IT Audit Education: transfer knowledge and build skills with practical training to help IT audit professionals expand their capabilities and effectiveness.

  • Short- and Long-term IT Audit Solutions: help organizations meet immediate audit staffing requirements while providing a trusted partner to train staff to handle future audits.

Next Steps:

    • Our infographic is a great place to start. It boils down what you need to know about NIST 800-171 (key facts, planning, and tips for success) and just takes a couple minutes to review. See it here.

    • Click here to get pricing for our NIST 800-171 Express Compliance Package that we tailor to meet your organization’s specific needs. We will pick up the phone and call you to discuss your specific needs.

    • Our brief eBook, “5 Tips for NIST 800-171 Success“, provides valuable guidance in helping government contractors meet the upcoming compliance deadline with minimal disruption to your core business. Download it today.

Take the next step to help your company achieve NIST 800-171 compliance in a timely manner. SecureIT wants to help you succeed with a variety of options to get started:

IT Audit Co-sourcing/Outsourcing

We invest heavily in ongoing training of our CISAs and CISSPs — so you don’t have to. In fact, we encourage our clients to leverage our people, methodologies, technology, knowledge, and expertise on their own behalf. Depending on your needs, we can perform single audits encompassing all areas of technology or a comprehensive series of audits scheduled throughout the year. We can also provide experienced professionals to supplement your existing IAD resources and help transfer knowledge and build skills internally within your team. SecureIT’s flexible delivery model can support both standard staff augmentation and customized staffing models, such as SME support for technical audits or even full audit teams that will independently plan, execute, report, and oversee the audit. Our IT audit consultants have the skills and experience to address the full range of IT audits, including the following technologies and process audits:

  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security logging, event management & monitoring
  • UNIX and Windows servers
  • Database platforms
  • Web infrastructure & applications
  • Virtualization
  • Network security & operations
  • Configuration management
  • System resilience, backup & recovery
  • Agile development and DevOps
  • IT risk management and governance
  • Data management
  • Application security & data integrity

Why SecureIT:

To address the targeted needs of our customers, SecureIT provides IT audit assessment, advisory, and outsourcing/co-sourcing services. Co-Sourcing services provide ongoing expertise for internal IT audit and effective risk management.

SecureIT’s audit co-sourcing services improve audit functions for organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups.

Our holistic approach delivers audit co-sourcing services targeted to each client.
SecureIT is the best. 

SecureIT delivers the expertise you need keep your audit plans on track and grow your business.

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