Audit – Audit Liaison

Audits are an essential part of doing business, providing an independent evaluation of an organization’s compliance with regulations and laws. Unfortunately, the audit process can tie up IT and management staff in meetings and reviews, causing core business initiatives to suffer. By partnering with an audit expert for audit liaison services, you can ensure that IT staff and management are able to focus on their primary responsibilities, while official auditors receive timely responses to their questions.

“Partnering with SecureIT ensured that critical audits were not missed due to resource issues. Without their co-sourcing services, we would have struggled to cover areas of greatest risk. Their input on the big picture for audits, as well as practical scheduling know-how, delivered value for our firm.”
Senior Audit Manager • Financial Services Company


  • Audit Liaison: act as facilitator, interpreter, and liaison between our clients, their auditors, and their regulating authorities.

  • Compliance Process Improvement: simplify the process of compliance and at the same time, create greater efficiencies and minimize disruptions.

  • Audit Readiness Review: conduct readiness reviews and lessen the workload on IT personnel during the actual audit.

  • Pre-Audit Risk Mitigation: identify and mitigate risks before the auditors and regulators arrive.

Why SecureIT:

SecureIT performs audits and offers services to improve internal audit functions for organizations ranging from complex enterprises to startups. To address the targeted needs of our customers, we provide audit liaison services that deliver the expertise you need keep your audit plans on track and grow your business. Our consultants have firsthand experience working in internal audit and security organizations including more than 20 years of experience as IT audit leaders within Fortune 500 internal audit departments. 

SecureIT’s audit liaison services improve audit functions by ensuring appropriate information is communicated in a timely manner.

Our holistic approach delivers audit liaison services targeted to each client.
SecureIT is the best.

SecureIT delivers the expertise you need keep your audit plans on track and grow your business.

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